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Joraco Press Company Designs Dual Press System for Wheel Hub Assembly For Leading Agriculture Solutions Provider

By combining our technical leadership in both pneumatic press engineering and industrial automation, Joraco Press Company built an automated press-fitting system for a leading manufacturer of tractors. This oversized press is engineered to press fit bolts into tractor wheel hubs with high precision.

This assembly system that includes two 8 ton HYDRO-AIRE® Series hydro-pneumatic presses, incorporates an electric servo motor mounted on top of a pneumatically powered linear slide and an optical sensing system. As the operator loads the hub into the press with pins loosely inserted in the desired locations and activates the system, the linear slide moves the wheel into position. Guided by optical sensors, the servo motor rotates the wheel hub until one bolt is accurately located under each of the two presses. As the bolts are held in perfect alignment, the presses actuate simultaneously with a precise amount of force to insert them into the hub. The motor then rotates the next two bolts into position, and the process is repeated until all the bolts are inserted. The slide then retracts, and the part is manually ejected.

For maximum strength and rigidity, Joraco Press constructed the press from a combination of cold rolled steel and tool steel. With a footprint of only 45.0″ long x 24.0″ wide, the machine occupies just 7.5 square feet of floor space. A safety light curtain was integrated that protects operators from injuries related to machine motion. To learn more about this system or our custom solutions for product assembly, contact Joraco Press Company directly.


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