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Pneumatic Press for the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest primary sectors in the world in regard to dollar value. It generates an income of approximately $3.3 trillion each year from its operations, which can be classified into three categories—upstream operations, midstream operations, and downstream operations. Upstream operations include finding and collecting the raw materials, downstream operations include transporting the raw oil and gas to refineries and other downstream processing centers, and downstream operations include refining, processing, and selling the oil and gas products. These processes often involve hazardous compounds or conditions, which can be highly damaging to equipment if it is not designed and built properly. That’s why it is important to use the right tools to create the equipment.

At Joraco Press Company, we provide pneumatic presses engineered to create components for oil and gas industry equipment efficiently and safely.

An Innovative Pneumatic Press Solution for the Oil & Gas Industry

Our team has designed and manufactured a compacting press for the world’s leading provider of technology to the oil and gas industry. This press is designed to pack explosive materials into capsules for oil well-perforating systems. Due to the extremely hazardous nature of the explosive powder being compacted, it was necessary for us to create a system that is explosion-proof and involves integrated safety features that comply with industry standards, statutory regulations, and the company’s explicit directives.

Key Benefits of the DIRECT-AIRE® Series Pneumatic Press

Our electrical and industrial design engineers utilized the DIRECT-AIRE® Series Model 400T straight cylinder pneumatic press as a basis for this press’s design. We then incorporated an explosion protection housing and a force monitoring system to suit the customer’s requirements and restrictions. The housing protects users against accidental explosion of the compacted powder, while the force monitoring system determines the compaction of the materials and verifies the operation of the press to achieve and maintain consistent manufacturing operations. The latter also offers real-time data recording capabilities to facilitate inspection and quality assurance operations and operational interruption and alarm capabilities to alert operators of potential problems.

Joraco Press: Your Partner for Pneumatic Presses for the Oil and Gas Industry

Joraco Press, we design and manufacture innovative pneumatic presses for a range of industries and applications. If you’re looking for a press solution for your next project, whether you’re in the oil and gas industry or another industry, we can meet your needs. For more information about the above press project or our custom pneumatic press building capabilities, please contact us today!