Force Monitoring Presses

Joraco Press Company offers Force Monitoring (FORCE) controls for our complete line of pneumatic presses that can validate proper operation and provide interrupts, alarms, and the documentation required for quality control. Force Monitoring controls can display force to ±0.1% FS, and link to a PC for real-time plotting and graphing.

Allowing users to record all pneumatic pressing operations, these process controls assure manufacturing consistency from lot-to-lot and can incorporate a wide range of display and signal conditioning devices to meet specific customer requirements. Presses from less than ½- to 32-tons are available for a wide variety of punching, fastening, and assembly operations.



Force Monitoring Package (FORCE): Provides for operator setup of programmable MIN/MAX thresholds. Includes programmable dwell timer. Parts that fall within range are classified GOOD, parts falling out of range are classified BAD. Requires operator intervention for BAD parts. Counters include total and GOOD parts. Peak Force can be sent to data sheet with time/date stamp.

  • MAX/MIN updates 60 times/second
  • Fast MAX/MIN 2ms capture response with peak store
  • Keypad with password protected disable feature
  • Display readout with bright 5 digit display
  • Includes two programmable set points with solid state relay outputs bundled with solenoid valving to control press ram return when threshold force achieved
  • Includes cable and Excel files for real-time data collection and review.

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