The TOGGLE-AIRE® Series combines Precision and Power

Innovators of the TOGGLE-AIRE® Pneumatic Press

The original "Joraco", the TOGGLE-AIRE®, has been the staple of the Joraco Press Family since 1952

TOGGLE-AIRE® Series presses combine the mechanical advantages of levers and toggles. Forces produced don’t rely on ram impact; rather, it builds as the ram reaches the bottom of the stroke, and effects a shockless, powerful squeeze, regardless of ram speed. Additionally, it is highly efficient- a TOGGLE-AIRE® Series Model 1030 press is 300% more powerful than a comparable cylinder-sized DIRECT-AIRE® Series press, yet only 58% of the air is needed. Most importantly, the stroke is very precise with +/-.001” repeatability.

The Joraco Press line features simple pneumatic operation and convenient benchtop sizing using only readily available shop air up to 100PSI. Following the original Joraco TOGGLE-AIRE®, Joraco Rotary Indexers began integrating the mechanical advantage of the toggle press into a rotary index format to expand throughput. More recently, the DIRECT-AIRE® and HYDRO-AIRE™ model lines joined the TOGGLE-AIRE® to provide a range of useful sizes and applications for Joraco Press. The entire line is now available in various configurations and forces that can be customized for any industry and application.



Joraco Press Company and Automated Industrial Machine have Engineers and Project Managers on hand to help evaluate your project. Send us a Request for Quote and we will get back to you within 24 business hours!

Customize any TOGGLE-AIRE® Series Press

Your Partner in Manufacturing

Joraco Press Company and Automated Industrial Machine, Inc have decades of experience designing and building custom press machines for every industry. Our US based manufacturing facility has engineering, machining, and assembly operations all under one roof! We are flexible and equipped to customize any of our standard products, as well as design custom products from the ground up. 

Nearly 70% of our presses are shipped with some form of customization, whether it is the addition of Packages, Options, or Accessories, or it is a complete multi-head automated assembly system. Our value-added approach to Manufacture-to-Order machine building puts us ahead of our competition in cost, customization, and delivery.