TOGGLE-AIRE® Series Model 3530

The Model 3530 pneumatic toggle press is capable of producing over 36,000LBS of force at 100PSI. Its precision benchtop design operates with a repeatability of .001″ and can be cycled more than 80 strokes per minute in some configurations. Faster cycle times are available on presses with shorter than standard strokes.

Our TOGGLE-AIRE® Series pneumatic toggle presses are supplied complete with our Synchro-Sig Series Two-Hand Actuator (SS-PB-18), but are also completely compatible with automated lines, and available with optional control systems.  Our engineering department is available to supply technical information to OEMs as well as in-house machine builders if you are considering the press as a component in your cell or automated line.


Model 3530 Features

  • Operates On 50 To 125lbs of Air Pressure
  • Low Air Consumption
  • Operated with a repeatability of +/- .001″
  • Capable of more than 60 strokes per minute
  • Controlled Squeeze To Over 36,000lbs @ 100 PSI
  • Replaceable Bronze/PTFE Bushings Used Throughout Entire Linkage
  • 8″ x 10″ Precision Ground Bolster Plate
  • Includes Anti Tie-Down 2-Hand Controller (SS-PB-18)

CUSTOM Specifications Quoted Upon Request!

Stroke 1.5” (or specify 2")
Shut Height 6” Shut Height +/- .375” Adjustment
Ram Size 1.5” Round with 13/16” Bore (square ram optional)
Throat Depth 5.5"
Air Consumption 0.91 Cubic Feet @ 80 psi, per stroke
Distance From Bottom Of Stroke 80 PSI 100 PSI
0.500 5,557 lbs. 6,946 lbs.
0.250 8,128 lbs. 10,160 lbs.
0.125 11,686 14,608 lbs.
.0625 16,650 lbs. 20,812 lbs.
.030 24,107 lbs. 30,134 lbs.
.020 29,568 lbs. 36,960 lbs.

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