Clean Room Presses

Joraco Press Company’s benchtop pneumatic presses for Clean Rooms (CLEAN) offer versatile solution applications. Most of our standard product line can be configured as a Clean Room Press. We divide the Package into three levels based on Exhaust Air and Stainless Steel use. Level 1 complies with ISO Class 5 Level 100 air exhaust standards for use in clean room environments. Levels 2 and 3 will increase the amount of Stainless Steel we use in construction, from contact surfaces only to full SS construction. We invite you to tell us your project specifications so that we can quote a custom solution for your application requirements. Our Manufacture-to-Order capability allows us to work within your project specifications!

In addition to air filtration and stainless steel, Joraco Press Company Clean Room Packages feature upgraded powder coated finishes, as well as passivation of stainless components. We can match the Clean Room levels to any customization, tooling, guarding, and accessories. Furthermore, we reduce noise by 40dB and restrict the use of lubricants.

We use ISO14644 standard as a guide for this package.


Options Include:

  • Adjustable Output
  • Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL)  – Cleanroom Compliance
  • Dwell Timer
  • Non-Rotating Ram
  • Adjustable Ram Speed Control
  • Optical “No-Touch” Anti-Tie Down Actuation
  • Special FDA Powder Coat Finish
  • Clean Room Guarding, Bevel and/or Sealants

Can be PLC Ready for automated setups and Force Monitoring Packages available!

  • Particle density for particle of 0.3µm or larger is less than 3.5 particles
  • Press noise silencing effect of 40dB(A) or more
  • PTFE – No Lubrication Bearing Surface
  • 400 Series Stainless Steel (includes all fasteners, ram and precision ground platen)
  • Internally contained lubrication for ram
Clean Room Press Attributes: Markets Served with Our Clean Room Press: Applications for Our Clean Room Press: Force Used When Applying Our Clean Room Press:

    • Compliance Equivalent to ISO 5, Fed Class 100
    • Quiet Operation (Noise Level Reduction of 40db(A) or more!)
    • Element Service Indicator
    • Lubrication Free Wear Surfaces
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Ram Wiper System

    • Pharmaceutical
    • Life Science
    • Regenerative Medicine
    • Surgical
    • Electronics

    • Tissue Cutting/Sampling
    • Implant Assembly
    • Medical Device Assembly

    • TOGGLE-AIRE® Series: 3 Ton - 32 Ton
    • HYDRO-AIRE™ Series: 4 Ton - 30 Ton
    • DIRECT-AIRE® Series: 200lbs - 2.5 Ton

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Ordering a standard press from Joraco Press Company is easy! Send us a Quote Request and we will respond quickly with a detailed Estimate. Specify the press you need, the force your application requires, and specifications about your project so we can confirm your requirements. Just reference the Estimate in your Purchase Order!