INDEX-AIRE™ Series Model 2000

The INDEX-AIRE™ Series Model 2000 rotary indexing press machine is an extremely compact rotary indexing machine, requiring no more bench space than our 3 Ton toggle press. It features solid, one piece construction, with the indexing unit built into the machined steel mainframe of the press. The index feed utilizes a specially designed, air driven clutch made of heat treated machine steel, to provide smooth, powerful indexing.

A hardened, cam-actuated locking pin accurately locates the six stations and locks them in while the press is cycling. The entire indexing mechanism features high performance, self lubricating, composite bearings. These bearings are designed to handle loads far greater than those encountered in the Model 2000, and have excellent resistance to shock and wear. Because the Model 2000 is completely free standing it does not require special base plates or tables. 





  • COMPACT – requires only 7.5″ x 18″ of bench space.
  • VERSATILE – Mode selector valves housed in the control enclosures allow you to easily choose continuous automatic operation, single cycle operation, indexer only, or press only modes. Ram speed can be independently controlled.
  • ONE SHOT LUBRICATION SYSTEM FOR PRESS COMPONENTS coupled with the SELF LUBRICATING INDEXER components reduces routine maintenance.
  • RAM SAFETY GUARD – guards the area immediately around the press ram. If this guard is moved or accidently hit by a misplaced hand or piece, etc. the guard circuit shuts the machine off, and it must be reset before the Model 2000 can be operated again.
  • SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT – all control components are standard industrial products designed to be easily operated and maintained.
  • FULLY PNEUMATIC – the Model 2000 operates on 70 PSI minimum to 125 PSI maximum line pressure and requires only one connection to your air line.
Model 2000 3 Ton & 5 Ton
Stations 6
Stroke 2 1/2"
Shut Height 4 1/2" to 3 3/4"
Ram Size 1 1/2" Dia.
Ram Bore 13/16"
Cylinder Size - 3 Ton 3 Ton 2 7/8" Dia.
Cylinder Size - 5 Ton 5 Ton 3 7/8" Dia.
Fac/Stroke - 3 Ton 3 Ton .22 Cu. Ft. @ 80 PSI
Fac/Stroke - 5 Ton 5 Ton .41 Cu. Ft. @ 80 PSI
CY/HR Max 3600



  3 Ton 5 Ton
Distance From Bottom Of Stroke 80 PSI 100 PSI 80 PSI 100 PSI
.500 945 lbs. 1181 lbs. 1776 lbs. 2220 lbs.
.250 1383 lbs. 1729 lbs. 2598 lbs. 3247 lbs.
.125 1979 lbs. 2474 lbs. 3729 lbs. 4661 lbs.
.0625 2782 lbs. 3477 lbs. 5437 lbs. 6796 lbs.
.030 3970 lbs. 4961 lbs. 7732 lbs. 9663 lbs.
.020 4935 lbs. 6165 lbs. 9490 lbs. 11,861 lbs.

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