HYDRO-AIRE™ Series Model HP4

The HYDRO-AIRE™ Series Model HP4 press offers clean, reliable, and accurate results. This Hydro-Pneumatic (HP) Series is a much cleaner alternative to a hydraulic press and offers the same advantages. It is fully contained with no fluid reservoirs or hydraulic lines, and features rapid advance with automatic power stroke. Suitable for a wide range of manual and semi-automatic assembly operations, this press is offered with a standard 4” stroke with 1/2″ power stroke, providing 4 tons of force at 100PSI, in both C-Frame and H-Frame Configurations. Manufactured in the USA from steel plate.

The HYDRO-AIRE™ Series is offered as standard with 1.5” diameter ram with 13/16 reamed shank and set screw as well as our SYNCHRO-SIG™ Series SS-PB-18, two-hand anti-tie down controller.  Optional features include EZ-Dial (EZD) Precision Force Regulator, as well as custom open height, stroke, platens and tooling.

  • NO HYDRAULICS – Just Air Supply!
Force @ 100 psi 4 Tons
Stroke / Min. 75
Open Height 8"
Stroke 4” with up to 1/2" Power Stroke
Air Consumption per Stroke
@ 80 psi
0.76 cf.
Standard Heavy Duty H-Frame Design with 20” between columns and 8“ x 10” Precision Ground Platen.

Optional Accessories Include:

  • Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL)
  • Programable Dwell Timer (PDT)
  • Non-Rotating Ram (NRR)
  • Adjustable Ram Speed Control (SC)
  • Optical "No-Touch" Anti-Tie Down Actuation (SS-OT)
  • Die Sets (J2/J4) and/or Custom Tooling for a Turnkey Solution!

Can be PLC Ready for automated setups!

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